Fascia Trim Boards:

Bond and fill all CPVC trim boards. TrimBonder™ Adhesive can bond all CPVC trim board and fill nail holes simply and easily.



Millwork custom shutters by laminating pieces of trim boards together, using TrimBonder™ Adhesive then cut out the specific design.


Fill Joints and Bond Beadboard:

Fill in joints that are created when two pieces of trim board are placed end to end. Use TrimBonder™ Adhesive to bond beadboard under eaves and roof of porches for a complete finished look.


Window Trim:

Bond trim boards around windows, even curved windows for a custom, finished look on your house.


Bond column wraps together using TrimBonder™ Adhesive or use the adhesive to laminate pieces of CPVC board together to mill work a custom column for any house. 

Garage Doors:

Create custom garage doors for your next house by using TrimBonder™ Adhesive to laminate boards to thicker dimensions. This will allow to you to create any applique design desired (ex.carriage house, barn, etc.)

Deck Railing Systems:

Create complete railing systems using TrimBonder™ Adhesive. Create custom designed balusters, column posts or lattice work for a unique railing system that is all your own.

Mail Boxes:

Customize a standard mailbox to make it one-of-a-kind by using TrimBonder™ Adhesive to add a planter box or newspaper slot. TrimBonder™ Adhesive can also be used to build the post by laminating pieces of boards together.